Reinforcing infrastructure for systems, social and community resilience
Infrastructure Resilience

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In a progressively more integrated world, how can we ensure systems can survive and carry on in the face of diverse threats and emerging challenges?

Imperial's Faculty of Engineering investigates infrastructure resilience through the lens of the digital and human characteristics of systems, Internet of Things (IoT) environments, and the ability to continue operating when partially compromised.

What is infrastructure resilience?

At its most simple, infrastructure describes all of the services, technologies, organisations, buildings and structures that are necessary to the continued operation of our societies. 

Infrastructure resilience can therefore be interpreted as the ability to reduce the impact - whether in terms of magnitude or duration, or both - of disruptive events.

Improving infrastructure resilience requires the abilities to:

  • Capture (infrastructure representation)
  • Anticipate (risk management)
  • Absorb and adapt (mitigation)
  • Protect and/or rapidly recover (intervention) from a potentially disruptive event

The event

This Imperial.Tech.Pitch event is set out to showcase a number of research areas and technologies that address critical elements across different aspects of infrastructure resilience to unveil opportunities and solutions to reinforce infrastructure systems, core networks and social and community resilience.

The pitches will be followed by a panel discussion chaired by Professor Washington Ochieng, Co-director of the Institute of Security Science and Technology and incoming Head of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

This event is co-hosted by Imperial's Industry Partnership and Commercialisation team for the Faculty of Engineering, and Imperial Business Partners.

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