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TB Diagnostic Gene Signature

Reference number: 6168, 6435

Imperial has filed patents for new biomarkers for the detection of tuberculosis (TB). The technology exploits changes in gene expression caused by TB to diagnose the disease. These biomarkers have been identified and validated in clinical settings.

Diagnosing childhood TB is a complex challenge and this technology addresses several of its component obstacles:

  • Detection: childhood TB is hard to detect microbiologically
  • Specificity: TB shares symptoms with various other diseases and is therefore hard to tell apart
  • Co-morbidity: HIV infection or malnourishment reduces the reliability of conventional TB tests
  • Latent vs Active: many tests cannot distinguish between active and passive disease states

Imperial is looking for co-development/licensing partners with views to develop a diagnosis platform for TB.

Developed at Imperial College London by Professor Michael Levin


Jon Wilkinson

Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Senior Executive, Medicine


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