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Subject Stratification Methodology

Reference number: 2061

Responses to drug treatments can vary between individuals. Consequences to mismatching a patient to the appropriate treatment range from lack of efficacy to adverse reactions. Patient stratification could yield various benefits, such as improved patient outcome and increased cost-effectiveness of drugs.

Metabonomics (also known as metabolomics, or biochemical profiling) tracks changes in key metabolites to predict individuals’ reactions to treatment. It takes into account not only genetic, but also environmental factors that might affect drug metabolism.

Innovations holds patents for a subject stratification protocol to be used in building pharmacometabonomic models. The protocol involves generating large amounts of data to form a pool of information against which to classify individuals.

This invention could be applied in areas such as personalised healthcare/stratified medicine, drug development and surveillance, and biomarker discovery. It has been validated with numerous human studies and is currently available for licensing.


Jon Wilkinson

Industry Partnerships and Commercialisation Senior Executive, Medicine


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