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Serverless Optimisation Tool

Reference number: 10841

Building upon the R&D work of a large EU consortium, RADON is a DevOps framework to create and manage microservices-based applications that can optimally exploit serverless function-as-a-service computing technologies. RADON applications leverage the industry-standard OASIS TOSCA to abstract the cloud and edge deployment characteristics, allowing the user to create and manage the lifecycle of complex microservices-based architectures. A distinguishing feature of the framework is its use of model-based abstractions, which make it easy to re-engineer applications for migration between different deployment environments, as well as to support diverse customer needs and integration scenarios. Compared to other industrial serverless frameworks, RADON offers a comprehensive toolchain that covers several unique assets:

(i) a repository of pre-defined TOSCA templates to accelerate deployment on OpenFaaS, Amazon AWS Lambda, Azure Function, Google Cloud Platform, Docker, Raspberry PIs.

(ii) CDL, a logic-based language to express deployment requirements, with an associated verification tool to verify compliance;

(iii) a deployment optimization feature to select the right concurrency and memory assigned to functions, to minimize deployment costs;

(iv) a feature to transform TOSCA models of monolithic software systems into corresponding, highly-decomposed, FaaS-based products.

The above tools leverage RADON TOSCA, a custom-built extension of OASIS TOSCA to enable serverless function deployment and orchestration. The framework comes with documentation for each tool and many tutorial examples.

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