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Technology licensing opportunities offers numerous technologies for license based on research carried out at Imperial College London. Available technologies span all areas of research undertaken at Imperial, the UK’s only university focused exclusively on science, medicine, engineering and business.

Through its subsidiary, Imperial College Innovations Limited, Imperial makes its intellectual property available for commercial use under licence.

Your business can access our licensing opportunities and view our patented technologies, software, knowhow and database rights by:

  • Viewing our portfolio of available technologies. You can search by keyword or browse by sector and industry application.
  • Signing up to our licensing opportunities mailing list
  • Requesting a discussion with a member of our Industrial Partnerships and Commercialisation team. We value the opportunity to hear more from businesses about their areas of interest or research focus, and will work to offer technologies or collaboration opportunities that best meet your needs.

Why license technologies from Imperial College London?

Imperial College London is a global top ten university which focuses on science, technology, engineering, medicine and business.

Its world-leading scientists generate inventions that are applicable to a wide range of industry problems. Imperial is a collaborative and international university, whose faculty regularly communicate with and work directly with industry partners from around the world.

Imperial Enterprise Division works with scientists at Imperial College London to establish a robust intellectual property position for Imperial technologies. We are highly experienced, having conducted hundreds of licence deals with businesses ranging from start-ups through manufacturing SMEs to major industry players.

We work with leading academics from across all departments at Imperial. We have commercialised technologies in fields as diverse as automotive, electronics, diagnostics, therapeutics, medtech and software.

We welcome enquiries from companies interested in taking a licence on technology developed at Imperial College London. We also welcome general enquiries from companies interested in alternative ways of working together.

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