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Seismic Metamaterials

The invention provides a vibration shield structure which can be installed around an area or building to be protected from ground vibration

3D Printing with polygrain lattices

Enables the production of lightweight but tough and damage tolerant structures

Neural Network Wireless IoT Device

Over 3x energy saved vs standard wireless IoT sensor implementations.


Non-invasive, remote condition monitoring to increase machine uptime in Industrial IoT

ImpAs - a new filter to remove arsenic in drinking water

A new filter to remove Arsenic in drinking water. The ImpAs sorbent is composed of a di-zinc complex immobilised onto an ImpAs resin. This novel mate-rial has a high adsorbing capacity which makes it unique for applications in point-of-use and point-of-entry water treatment systems to remove arsenic from contaminated water.

Fast warm stamping of ultra-high strength steel sheets

Shorter cycle times with lower energy costs for high strength steel sheet metal forming

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