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Self-disinfecting appliances

A novel device that can be fitted to home-care appliances to generate hydrogen peroxide or bleach, effectively producing a ‘self-cleaning’ appliance.

Novel vortex laser

A high-power and high-efficiency new methodology for laser vortex creation that enables new devices and applications with vortex spatial format.

Bio-inspired flying drones for monitoring, maintenance and repair

On-board 3D printing, spider-like string dispensing and perching, multifunctional legs and origami bumpers.

Hybrid Powertrains

Imperial College London Engineers have developed innovative driveline technology in novel series and parallel arrangements, reducing complexity, weight and volume and providing approx. 40% cost savings in the powetrain.

Intense and Efficient Yellow Light Source from Luminescent Concentrator

An improved luminescent concentrator design with enhanced colour stability and greater optical output power for a given device length, with a wide range of potential applications from video projectors to photochemical reactors.

Neural Network Wireless IoT Device

Over 3x energy saved vs standard wireless IoT sensor implementations.

Circularly polarised organic light-emitting diodes (CP-OLEDs)

A simple, low-cost and scalable technology to fabricate solution-processed circularly polarised organic light-emitting diodes.


Low cost energy harvesters for electronic devices


Non-invasive, remote condition monitoring to increase machine uptime in Industrial IoT

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