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Bio-inspired flying drones for monitoring, maintenance and repair

Reference number: 7082, 7398, 7399, 7751

Bio-inspired flying drones for monitoring, maintenance and repair

Developed by Dr Mirko Kovac's group in Imperial College London's Department of Aeronautics


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or flying drones are becoming increasingly relevant in monitoring operations. Beyond using flying drones for ‘seeing’ (inspection at a distance), there are developments in increasing functionality to cover aspects such as package delivery. World-renown drones engineer Mirko Kovac and his team have built up a portfolio of intellectual property that extends the possibilities for drones in industry yet further, to tackle problems in direct-contact monitoring, maintenance and repair. Monitoring, maintenance and repair is particularly important in applications that are dangerous for humans and / or where resources to this end are minimal. Our portfolio of flying drones intellectual property (patents and know-how) has the potential to dramatically improve human safety in hazardous working environments, and reduce costs and time for first response maintenance and repair.

Potential Applications

The potential applications are numerous and include construction & building management, oil & gas, process industries, utilities, and waste & sanitation.

Intellectual Property

• String-based construction: PCT/EP2015/060128 (US-Pending)
• 3D scanning and multifunctional legs: PCT/GB2016/051426
• 3D printing and autonomous repair: PCT/GB2016/051427
• Foldable origami bumpers: 1509509.4, 1600130.7 (UK Priority application numbers)

In the media

BBC: nuclear safety , bio-inspired design

New Scientist




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