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Autonomous System Safety: Model-Checker Toolkit

Reference number: 8322

Providing guarantees against risk of faults for autonomous systems

Developed by Prof Alessio Lomuscio's group in Imperial College London's Department of Computer Science.


We need to build our trust for autonomous and partially-autonomous machines, with the advent of their proliferation. Unlike more standard automatic machines, autonomous systems are capable of: reasoning, independent planning, decision making and learning. Systems are becoming increasingly powerful, yet this autonomy comes with the trade-off in more bugs and many possible unpredictable outputs; hence risks.

Risks compound as autonomous systems must not only safely operate on their own, yet they must also co-exist with humans, as well as other autonomous machines. We thus need to be able to guarantee their behaviour to ensure such systems are safe. A toolkit has been developed by computer scientists at Imperial College London that tackles risk in autonomous systems through verification. Verification provides guarantees in the reliability against faults as well as against cascading of faults of autonomous machines.



  • Help with prediction of insurance risk for autonomous systems

  • Reduced risk of expensive product recalls and damage claims

  • Fewer systems blocked from being put in production due to unknown output states

  • Verification leading to certification of autonomous systems

  • Insurance

  • Certification bodies and regulators

  • Agriculture

  • Manufacturing

  • Transport (inc. automotive, aircraft, aerospace)

  • Health and Ambient Assisted Living

  • Energy (inc. decommissioning)

  • Autonomous space exploration

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