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TB Diagnostic Gene Signature

Gene expression for tuberculosis diagnosis

Circularly polarised organic light-emitting diodes (CP-OLEDs)

A simple, low-cost and scalable technology to fabricate solution-processed circularly polarised organic light-emitting diodes.

Nanotube-grafted carbon fibres

A novel and patented production method introducing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to carbon fibre (CF) composites to give enhanced electrical, mechanical and electrical properties.

HKMT Inhibitors

Small molecule inhibitors for treatment of solid tumours


Low cost energy harvesters for electronic devices

Active Variable Geometry Suspension

A novel suspension system that offers the benefits of a fully active suspension system and the simplicity of a passive system.


Image Resolution Enhancement


High Perfomance FPGA for Dynamic Data Access

PEGylated nanomaterials

Functionalised graphene for use as a nucleant

Novel Aqueous Conductive Ink for 3D Printing

Cost-effective, aqueous-based, ionically and electronically conductive ceramic inks for 3D printing

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