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PEGylated nanomaterials

Functionalised graphene for use as a nucleant

Novel Aqueous Conductive Ink for 3D Printing

Cost-effective, aqueous-based, ionically and electronically conductive ceramic inks for 3D printing

Immunotherapy for IBD

Lactobacillus ST peptide for therapeutic use against inflammatory bowel disease

Novel control for froth flotation cells

Easy to implement control methodology for improved grade and recovery

Novel clip applicator for minimally invasive surgery

A novel surgical clip and applicator that allows large-area clamping of surgical anatomy for use in minimally invasive surgery, with the ability to rotate within the body.

Novel treatment for Huntington’s Disease

Dr Mark Isalan – Reader in Gene Network Engineering at Imperial College London – and collaborators have developed a novel gene therapy for Huntington’s Disease that leverages zinc finger protein technology.


Non-invasive, remote condition monitoring to increase machine uptime in Industrial IoT

ImpAs - a new filter to remove arsenic in drinking water

A new filter to remove Arsenic in drinking water. The ImpAs sorbent is composed of a di-zinc complex immobilised onto an ImpAs resin. This novel material has a high adsorbing capacity which makes it unique for applications in point-of-use and point-of-entry water treatment systems to remove arsenic from contaminated water.

Fast warm stamping of ultra-high strength steel sheets

Shorter cycle times with lower energy costs for high strength steel sheet metal forming

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