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Low cost method to produce Circularised Polarised OLEDs

The cost of LCD and AMOLED displays can be reduced and their transmission efficiency doubled by removing the polarizing layer.

Broad-spectrum anti-intimin peptides and rabbit polyclonal antiserum

Peptide and rabbit polyclonal antiserum for broad spectrum of intimin subtypes. For use in research on E. coli-derived diarrhoeal disease.

Citrobacter rodentium NalR-strain (ICC169)

The only known attaching and effacing (A/E) pathogen to naturally infect mice, Citrobacter rodentium can be used as a model organism for the study of certain E. coli-derived diarrhoeal diseases. Expresses the same intimin β protein as several strains of EPEC and EHEC.


Grid Frequency Estimation and Power Fault Detection

Nanotube-grafted carbon fibres

A modification on the chemical vapour deposition process capable of prducing nanotube-grafted carbon fibres without damaging the carbon fibre substrate.

HKMT Inhibitors

Small molecule inhibitors for treatment of solid tumours


Low cost energy harvesters for electronic devices

Active Variable Geometry Suspension

A novel suspension system that offers the benefits of a fully active suspension system and the simplicity of a passive system.


Image Resolution Enhancement


High Perfomance FPGA for Dynamic Data Access

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