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High-strength anticlogging permeable concrete pavement

A novel permeable pavement resistant to clogging, with high strength and permeability.

SmartFlap - 9% lower fuel costs for trucks from enhanced drag reduction

Actively controlled flaps that reduce the drag caused by turbulent wake at the back of a truck, delivering fuel savings of up to 9%.

Engine energy recovery via a high efficiency exhaust turbine

A novel, high-efficiency, low-pressure ratio turbine designed to capture a significant proportion of residual exhaust energy with negligible effect on engine base performance.

Smart morphing structures with full shape control

Innovative smart morphing technology that consists of a smart core fabricated from multiple layers of piezoceramic material in a honeycomb structure.

Frequency estimation and fault detection in smart grids

Technique for accurately estimating electrical signal frequency and faults in smart grids

Inducible ZnT8 transgenic mouse

A mouse model expressing human zinc transporter 8 (ZnT8), a protein of interest in diabetes research

Zebrafish model for cardiac arrhythmia

POPDC1S191F zebrafish mutant

“Right-first-time” manufacturing set-up of MOFs

Accurate simulation of set-up parameters for the manufacturing of Micro-structured Optical Fibres (MOFs) enable significant cost reduction

Centrifugal Compressor Inlet Duct Device for Improved Flow Range

Simulated 26% decrease in surge mass flow rate, improving turbocharger transient response by up to 18%.

An Asymmetric Double-Entry Turbine for Better Exhaust Gas Recirculation

Increased exhaust gas recirculation, average turbine efficiency and brake specific fuel consumption.

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