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Nanotweezers for single-cell biopsy

Inexpensive, easy to fabricate and use, dielectrophoretic nanotweezers for non-destructive subcellular concentration (trapping) and extraction of biomolecules.

DEP Trapping Using Metallised Nanopipettes

This invention enables efficient single molecule nanopore sensing at femtomolar concentrations using dielectrophoretic trapping by combining nanopore sensing and dielectrophoresis (DEP).

MyoLoop for cardiovascular research

MyoLoop is a device that simulates the synchronised mechanical and electrical events that occur in the heart inside the body (in vivo), on an in vitro heart model known as myocardial slice (MS). The system is self-contained, and designed for chronic experiments, that is culture of myocardial slices. MyoLoop can simulate pathological (e.g. hypertension), to study their progression, and the effects of therapeutic interventions on them.

Acoustic sub-aperture processing (ASAP) for ultrasound vascular imaging

The Acoustic Sub-Aperture Processing (ASAP) is a novel ultrasound imaging technique that enhances visualisation of small blood vessels and enables quantification of perfusion.

Novel fixation technology for orthopaedic surgeries

This technology, that is able to provide screw-strength fixation that can be tuned to different bone properties, whilst allowing non-axisymmetric/multiple fixation features, could enable new/improved orthopaedic treatments.

CHORDs - Construction of highly ordered repetitive DNA sequences

CHORDS is a dual clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats (CRISPR)/Golden gate assembly method for the construction of repetitive DNA sequences.

Improved Mycobacterial Tetracycline Inducible Vectors

A range of improved tetracycline inducible vectors to study the function of essential mycobacterial genes.

Portfolio of human colorectal adenocarcinomas

A portfolio of human colorectal adenocarcenoma cell lines including primary cell lines isolated from patients (of various Duke's stages and histological grades) in addition to cloned cells lines genetically modified to highly express alpha integrin domains.

Dependent personality questionnaire

A simple self-rating questionnaire for dependent personality features

Partial Covariance 2D Mass Spectrometry

A software package to uncover “hidden” structurally relevant signals that are below the ad hoc intensity thresholds in conventional MS.

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