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GluNet: a deep learning framework for accurate glucose forecasting

Utilising deep neural networks for state-of-the-art blood glucose forecasting performance

Serverless Optimisation Tool

A DevOps framework for creating and managing microservices-based applications that can optimally exploit serverless function-as-a-service computing technologies.

The Bio-inspired Artificial Pancreas (BiAP)

Artificial pancreas technology with automated insulin delivery for blood glucose control in people with type I diabetes (TID).

PEPPER: A modular safety system for insulin dosing

Glucose forecasting algorithm for long-term prediction horizons

Non-invasive device for neural interfacing

A wearable non-invasive neural interface with the human spinal cord

Electrically Powered Active Suspension Systems

A novel, electrically powered, active variable geometry system developed by engineers at Imperial. Electrically Powered Active Suspension Systems provide the smooth and stabilising performance of an active control system with a compact, low cost, low power, fail-safe system.

In-situ measurement for 2d-material exfoliation

An online monitoring system that can monitor layered 2D material production in a liquid dispersion, in real time

Graphene Fluidic exfoliation

A novel approach to liquid exfoliation to achieve more efficient and cost-effective production of 2D materials at any scale

Data-driven Multiplexing for Accurate Gene Detection

Machine learning approach for high-level multiplexing in qPCR and dPCR, up to 21-plex demonstrated

Artificial Golgi Reactor for Tailoring Glycans

A novel platform comprising immobilized enzymes to produce homogenously glycosylated proteins for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.

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